Dr.Martin (Huub) Mulders MD graduated from University of Nymegen Medical school in his native country, The Netherlands. He completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia Pennsylvania , where he met his wife Kim, before starting Internal Medicine Practice in Northern California in 1990. Dissatisfied with the limitations of his training and inability to help many of his patients, especially when they did not have ‘real diseases’, he started exploring and studying alternative and integrative forms of diagnosis and treatment in 1993. Over the years, challenged by his patients and the knowledge and experience he gathered, his approach to health, wellness and chronic disease has changed dramatically. From an endpoint-oriented, pathology based linear diagnostic and treatment approach, he changed to a more ‘systems based’ approach of diagnosis and treatment that takes multi-causality, function and individuality as its core.

He has attracted many chronically ill patients that nobody seemingly could help and lost hope, and helped them back on the road to health and wellness.


Dr. Bob Moore (M.Div, Psy.D.) has joined our medical practice. He has spent a lifetime empathizing, encouraging, and empowering people- 25 years as a pastoral counselor and 18 years as a counselor and leader at counseling agencies.

With Dr. Mulders he shares the concept that healing is a process that involves the whole body including heart, mind and spirit. Patients often need to experience healing in three dimensions: inside-out (healing of memories), outside-in (changing behavior using Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), and top-down (spiritual). Dr. Moore’s specialties include trauma therapies (EMDR), relational therapy (marital and parenting) and overcoming mood disorders (depression and anxiety).

Many medical issues have contributing emotional roots. While Dr. Mulders looks at multi-causality and both traditional and alternative treatments, Dr. Moore will complement this approach. Dealing with emotional issues in the previous or current generation can be a major factor in our healing/wellness. The patient will be able to experience more complete assessment and healing as result of addressing an important factor that many medical practices do not address: emotional pain. The healing of memories is often the missing ingredient in wellness.

Chronic illness also contributes to significant issues in families and relationships. Dr. Moore can guide and help you in managing these in a more effective and constructive way. He will attempt to come alongside the patient to form a therapeutic alliance that is considered the most significant part of the counseling process. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Moore will identify key problem areas that could be impeding healing on every level (medical, mental, spiritual). He will set appropriate goals that will enable him to use the appropriate therapeutic intervention(s). Meeting these goals would be a therapeutic benchmark throughout therapy.

Dr. Moore has a passion to come alongside others to help them find a deeper and more complete healing through practical life solutions. Dr. Moore has a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a Masters in Counseling from Cairn University and a Doctorate in Psychology from Chestnut Hill College.

Dr. Moore is available for call time at 610-688-4777 on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 am to 9:00 am to answer any brief questions. You may also call the same number to set up an appointment with Dr. Moore, or to leave a message with the office staff for him to call you back at another time.